Sunday, April 6, 2014

My Neighbors Remodel

Hey All!
So remember the story I told HERE about meeting the contractor who had done all of the amazing work on our new home prior to us buying it?
His name is Dustin and he had basically gutted our house, put in the new kitchen, added the upstairs, finished off the basement and added all the beautiful molding in our home, all with keeping the old charm of the house.

Well I had met Dustin because he was currently working on remodeling our neighbors home.
I talked him into letting me have a sneak peek into the home, and of course I brought my camera along.
I timed it so perfectly too, since he was just wrapping up the job.
O.K. so have a look!
I am such a fan of his, he does such beautiful work.

So my neighbors have turned their whole upstairs into a master suite.  It is basically one large room with several small rooms along each side.  This room below will be used as a nursery,

 with extra storage.

Here is the master bath.  I love that sink! The molding above it is great too.

All of the doors in the space are glass, and then Dustin has found these gorgeous vintage knobs and plates online.

 The other side rooms include a his closet, her closet, and even a home gym that will have a full wall mirror.
The main room also has wall mounted accent lights and is set up and wired for a large wall t.v.
Isn't is wonderful?  I told ya he does good work. 

So I'm sure you all want to know the color of the room, Right?
It is SW - Jubilee
I love it,  It really makes the white molding pop. I'm seriously thinking of re-painting our living/dining room in it.

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  1. Everything is so wonderful!! He does amazing work. tfs.

  2. Gorgeous home! What wonderful work he does! I love the paint color too!

  3. Great choice of colours. Looks very stylish.

  4. Would love to have his contact information...I'm in Boise.


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