Saturday, December 20, 2014

Thoughtful His/Her Christmas Gifts.

 I may have an ounce of craftiness in my body, but that's only because I got it from my mom. 
 My mom is the queen of craftiness.  Growing up, I watched as she thoughtfully put together gifts and handouts. She always adds such a special touch to everything she does.  
So today, I thought I'd share the sweet little gifts she gave us for Christmas.
 All of her daughters and daughter-in-laws received a beautifully wrapped gift of Gold,Frankincense, and Myrrh. Inside the box was a paper scroll that reads this scripture.
A small burlap sack held the Gold. 
 The Frankincense was this incredible smelling hand soap,  which is my new favorite. I just love it.
 And the Myrrh is bath salts in a glass bottle.
All labeled in that special touch of my mom.

Ok, Now for the gift to all of her sons and son's in law.
An adorable candy filled tackle box.
 She took a plastic organizer and filled it with fishing gear.
 The fishing gear being candy; gummy worms, gummy fishes and lemon heads. And then she added a package of goldfish crackers and a bobber.
 And Oh my Gosh! How cute is this card?
 I love the fishing adornments.  The 20 dollar bill was a nice touch as well. Here is what the inside of the vest says:

So ya, these gifts were too cute to not share.
Thanks Mom!

And thank you all for stopping by today,


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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Our Christmas Cards

 Do you send out Christmas cards?
I know not everyone does, but we do.  I think it's nice to let the people we love know that we are thinking of them during the holidays.  I also really enjoy receiving them in the mail, and hanging them up to display, as you may  remember from this Post.
Now, I know there are a lot of really nice companies that print up the most adorable cards ever,  but I actually really enjoy making them myself.
This year, I found these cards at Target.  
 My husband then came up with the idea of having our pictures look like they were from a photo booth. 
We had so much fun taking these pictures.  We put on funny hats, we made a lot of goofy faces,  but in the end we picked the ones where we were just simply smiling....but oh my goodness, we have a whole lot of extra funny ones.  I'll have to think of something else to do with those ones.
 I edited the pictures in both color and in black and white. 
I used an online photo editor called, Ribbet. It has a photo effect called, true vintage, that gave our pictures the neat photo booth border. Perfect for just the look we were going for.
I then printed the pictures out, and glued them onto the cards.
  All of our friends and family should be receiving their cards soon.
And if you don't..... Then we're not friends.....Just Kidding! It means I don't have an address for you, so you need to send it to me :)

Thanks you all for stopping by,


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Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas in the Kitchen

Can you believe Christmas is almost here?
The last few weeks have just flown by.
I still have so much to do.
How about you all, Are you ready for Christmas?

So last week I shared my Holiday Home Tour.
If you missed it, you can catch it HERE.
However, my kitchen did not make the tour.  I was a little behind on getting it decorated.
 But yesterday, I added just a few little Christmas touches and thought I'd share that with you today.
So here is my Holiday Kitchen:
The main thing I did was bring in some fresh cut greenery.
I just clipped some branches from a tree in the back yard and with it I created a swag for our stove.

I also placed a branch of it next to the sink. 
It gives off a nice pine scent to enjoy as I'm washing the dishes.

The boys and I then had fun creating paper snowflakes.
We just taped them onto the window.

 I also added a snowflake garland to the mix.
I have a hard time photographing in front of the window because everything tends to get washed out.
So it's a little hard to tell but in the window sill is a cute metal and glass tree candle tower, which I have placed little white tree's to.
 I love all the greenery in the room.  It keeps everything looking fresh.
 Oh and this Frasier Fir hand soap and lotion is perfect for this time of year,  It smells wonderful.
So ya, just really simple.
It's been a while since I've shared pictures of our kitchen.
So I added a few extra.
On this side of the kitchen, I created a little baking area.
Gonna bake some gingerbread cookies with my boys.
Well I think that is it for my holiday decorating.
Now I've got so much more to do. 
And share.

Thanks for stopping by today,


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Thursday, December 11, 2014

My 2014 Holiday Home Tour

After spending weeks decking the halls, I'm now ready to share our Holiday Home Tour with you and I'm so Happy that you stopped by today.

Of course, I'll also be linking up here:
 Jennifer Rizzo puts on such a wonderful Holiday house tour every year.  I always enjoy looking at all of the pretty homes of such amazingly talented bloggers. I  can only dream of one day being a part of it.

So come on inside and have a look around!
When you first walk into our 1924 cottage you are greeted into a large open living/dining space.
This wall helps to separates the two spaces.  It also acts as the entryway.
I kept the holiday decorating really simple here.  I just added a few wreaths onto the pictures with some pretty red and green plaid ribbon. And then I hung up a snowflake garland. 
Now let's have a look into the living room.
My bull skull got a little festive makeover.  And then the wicker deer on the mantel was actually a thrift store find.  I picked him up months ago knowing he would be perfect on my holiday mantel.

It was my husbands idea to add the extra greenery, and my sons idea to hang the red bulbs onto it.  I'm happy to say that this was a family effort, and not just me taking over on the holiday decorating. I always want my family to be a part in the way our home looks and feels, especially during the holidays.
The living room couch is where my boys and I cuddle in the evenings and read stories. It's been really joyful to have the Christmas tree across the  room to look at.

I love my Christmas tree this year.  I was going for a rustic cabin look. Therefore you will find Lots and Lots of pine cones, some plaid fabric ties,among a few other special ornaments.
The only new ornaments on the tree this year, is this adorable beaded peace one from Pottery barn, and my DIY arrow ornaments that I made using clothespins and bamboo skewers. 
( Instructions can be found HERE)
From the Living room, the french doors lead you into our office/sunroom.
See more of my Jingle bell magnets HERE.
Across from the living room is our dining room.
The dining room has two corner cabinets I like to play around  in.
Now let's head upstairs into our attic bedroom. Such a cozy little space.
And that's about it.  I may share a few pictures of our kitchen later.  It's been gloomy out. so I'm just waiting for a sunny day so I can photograph it.
So come back soon.
You are welcome to leave out the back door, which recently got painted blue (seen here).
 It was so much fun to have snow when I took these pictures. Wishing it wasn't all melted now.
I'm dreaming of a White Christmas.

Thank you so much for stopping by my home today.  Sorry for the Mass load of pictures, but I hope that you enjoyed them.

Wishing you and your families a Merry Christmas.


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